Youth Empowerment Project  

Intensive, Outpatient Services


~Investing in Unlimited Potentials~


   Every individual has the potential to change the complete direction of their lives.  Our Goal is to help motivate struggling youth to explore and deeply invest in thier potentials to create a better life and a better world.  


  The Youth Empowerment Project offers intensive summer and after-school groups that focus on empowering overall success with family relationships, school, physical health, social supports, career development and employment.  Participants are also given creative employment and mentoring opportunities within the program's youth businesses!





2014 Summer Program runs June 9th- August 22nd


Children's Group- Ages 4-8,  Mondays and Wednesdays  11am-2pm

Youth Group- Ages 9-18, Tuesdays and Thursdays 11am-1pm

Holistic Health Workshops- All ages including parents, Tuesdays and Thursdays 1-2pm




~Youth Empowerment Project Summer Curriculum and Activities~


~Holistic Health Workshops~

Focusing on positive and preventative coping skills, nutrition, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health; emphasizing on building positive habits and routines, practice healthy self- esteem, commitment to self, positive communication and teamwork, learning and practicing fun skills for healthy habits, routines, relationships, resources and living.


Check the calender for scheduled workshop activites including; Meditaion, Yoga, Boxing Training, Holistic Living Skills, Cycling, Dance, Clean Eating Guidlines, and more...



~Expressive Arts and Journaling~

Inspire, Create, Build, Organize, Work Hard, and Dream Big...  Projects and activities that focus on personal development through Creative Entrepreneurial and Humanitarian Projects, including: Inspirational Art and Boutique, Cards, Tees, and Clothing, Social Media, Professional Career and Academic Resources.


~Holistic Health Living Skills~

Creative cooking, juicing, gardening, and nutrition.  Exploring the impact of nutrition and physical health, and connecting daily goals and habits to bigger picture values and dreams.


~Building My Team of Support~

Through activities focusing on strengthening positive relationships and team building skills with home, family, parent, and school resources, while practicing skills for success that focus on effective goal setting, planning, linking and coordination.


~Experiential Therapy Activities~

Creative, individual and group projects to practice LIVING OUR BEST!


~Field Trips~

We will research and utilize community resources. practicing skills for success on problem solving, effective communication and teamwork through guided activities in the community.


Daily Routine Includes;  Journaling and Expressive Arts Projects ~ Individual and Group Goals ~ Progress Updates and Goal Strategizing ~ Guitar, Singing, Songwritting ~ Play Therapy (children's group) ~ Social Media and Activism (youth group) ~ Gardening and Healthy Cooking ~ Humanitarian Work ~ Entrepreneurial Projects ~ Linking Healthy Habits to Achieving and Sustaining a Positive Self-Image ~ Academic Tutoring Available


~Individual and Family Therapy Sessions also availabe as needed to support Individual and Family Goals~


"There are two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children, one of these is roots the other is wings"       ~Hodding Carter



Contact Information

Location- 123 S. Jeremy Street, SLC, UT